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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Playoffs, Baby

ahh...the playoffs. gwinnett killed the damn sea wolves last night, and alaksa has a chance to sweep bakersfield tonight. awesome. go alaska! now, i know as a die-hard ice pilots fan, i shouldn't be rooting for another echl team, but i really want alaska to win the national conference. chad says i should root for someone else b/c alaska's good. oh well. i'm not pulling for reading. i want them to lose...that game didn't work out too well for us. not that our guys couldn't pull themselves together and beat the royals, i'd just rather see alaska (ok, ok i just want to see scott gomez). i sort of hope gwinnett beats the damn sea wolves so we can go see their (i hear) kick-ass arena if we play the winner of that series. on the other hand, if the damn sea wolves win and we play them, we'll be able to go to every single game. i'm sort of working on the assumption that we'll win the series over greenville. speaking of greenville, the trip is still on. chad, deva, and i are going...we're leaving around 6 am on saturday. i bought our tix yesterday (section 106, row A, seats 9-11) and booked our hotel (i found one nice and cheap - $43 and i didn't even lie about the number of peeps staying in it. it's a la quinta inn, so it's not some no-name ghetto motel; the pics look nice). i'm so excited. i can't wait for tonight...round 1, game 1. oh yeah. let's go pilots!

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