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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Anal Lysis

i know that's a weird title for a post, but ever since lindsey said that this morning in biometry, i crack up at the phrase. we're sitting there, for the most part paying attention (that doesn't happen very often), when lindsey leans over and whispers, "have you ever noticed how the word 'analysis' is a combination of the words 'anal' and 'lysis'?" i hadn't. but now that she's pointed it out, when i see the word 'analysis' i giggle. and in a stats class, 'analysis' shows up frequently - analysis of variance, principle component analysis, multivariate analysis, you get the idea. then, while i'm fighting to keep my composure, she said, "so, stats is like a rectal explosion." and i totally lost it. i thought something like, "multivariate rectal explosion," and i put my head on my knees (my feet were up on the back of the chair in front of me) and just laughed, which is really hard to do when you're trying to be quiet. it probably looked like i was head down, my shoulders shaking pretty violently, the way they tend to do when i'm trying to control my laughter. mccreadie looked at me funny, but he didn't say anything. i finally managed to get myself under control, but every time i looked up at the projector screen and saw the word 'analysis' i would start giggling again. ahh, lindsey. god love her, but she makes me laugh at the most inappropriate times.

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