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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Boys Are Gross...

...and corey neilson is funny. i like that. i don't like that boys are some of the most disgusting creatures on the planet, which i rediscovered today. the season ticket holders' get-together was much fun. the locker room tour was nifty (even though it smelled...and it wasn't a good smell). nessa gave in to temptation and joined us (she called me while chad and i were on the way and asked what i thought she should do - of course i told her to skip the honor society induction and come with us). we skated...i may have pretty good sea legs, but hockey legs i do not possess. it was fun anyway. i made many squeaky noises, and i even made a couple of pit stops at the players' bench (pilots', not visitors'). that's where i decided that our guys are really repulsive. there were countless pieces of chewed gum strewn haphazardly around the floor of the bench. gross. and it smelled (the general bench area, not the gum - i didn't get close enough to the nasty old gum to catch a whiff). somebody really should clean in there. anyway, nessa and i took pics around the locker room (i took a pic w/ st. jacques' stuff), which is also smelly btw. we examined some of the guys' belongings...chad informed me that kinkel's jock strap is in the pic i took of his area. i didn't notice. i was paying attention to the hat. here, have a look and you can see bill kinkel's funny hat as well as an old jock strap (the plaque is his "honorary pensacolian" award from the booster club).

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jordan krestanovich was icing up his foot while we were touring the locker rooms. that was entertaining for a bit. then, after our locker room tour, we were just hangin' out with casey when corey n. walked out and saw us. he spontaneously flexed for us (memories of last night...). we giggled, and while he was walking away, he did it again down low and behind his back. so funny. he was in a good mood. nessa and i were too chicken to ask *jacquo* to flex for us, but he did say hello to me. that's what eye contact will do for you. he walked by, i made eye contact, he felt that he would look like an ass if he didn't acknowledge me, and we exchanged hellos. nice. nessa and i attempted futilely to locate dwayne (he would have flexed for us, and we're not too chicken to ask him). but anyway, it was a fun day.

after the playoff rally, we decided to go see Fever Pitch, which i highly recommend. beforehand, while out in the parking lot deciding what we should do, we saw dominic d'amour and his gay, gay rental car (we assumed it was a rental, as it had a florida tag) and laughed our asses off. it was a tiny white suzuki, and it just made him look so gay. we also checked out the rides of aaron phillips and frederic cloutier - not gay in the slightest, nice manly SUVs. anyway, we also killed a little time playing games at sam's fun city before the movie (i know how much you love that place, deva). we got a bag of marbles and a tiny compass for our trouble. overall, an egg-cellent day.

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Vanessa Mae said...

Very well written blog entries. I couldn't have described the events of the past two days any better.