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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Road Trip!

greenville, here i come. yes, last night chad and i decided to go to greenville on saturday to see the ice pilots play there. we looked at where we want to sit so we can get tickets in that section at the BI-LO center (section 106 or 110), and we checked out campgrounds in greenville. i even went so far as to get driving directions and discover that this trip is nearly 100 miles shorter than the tampa/fort myers trip we went on in december and that the campground we'll be staying at is only 15 minutes from the BI-LO center. chad's parents are going on this trip with us, and it is actually because of them that we are going at all. now that the repairs are almost complete on their house, ALFA is no longer paying for the camper they've been staying in. but rather than sending it back to paw-paw's camper city, the in-laws would like to keep the camper on the condition that they have to go on more road trips and actually use the thing. thus, the campground thing. this really works out well for us, as we're only staying in greenville one night and a $14 campsite is much more affordable than hotel rooms for the four of us. sure, we'll be driving all weekend, but who cares? i can handle it. and now that chad brought this up, he's not getting out of it. we're going. yes, i'll be sleeping in a tiny camper instead of a nice hotel room, but one night won't kill me, especially since it means i get to see another echl arena this year. chad and i have also decided that if the pilots play gwinnett in the playoffs, we're going there too. so, after friday night's home game, we'll be headed to flomaton for the night before waking up at the butt crack of dawn on saturday and heading for south carolina. yeah, i'm up for some traveling, even though it means that i can't procrastinate this week. with the road trip this weekend, home games thursday and friday night, and a hellish 6-hr phys oce class tomorrow, i'd better get some work done after biometry this afternoon. i haven't so much as looked at the assignment mccreadie gave us on thursday, and i really should go ahead and start on my superlong phys oce homework, since i'm sure to accumulate lots more tomorrow. but i guess an awesome end to the week (yup, after biometry on thurs, it going to be hockey, hockey, hockey) is worth one afternoon jam-packed with work.

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Vanessa Mae said...

That's totally awesome. You guys are going to have an excellent time. Who cares about the driving, you'll get to go to the Bi-Lo Center! That's another arena I've never visited. You've got to get pictures, of course.