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Friday, April 22, 2005

A Note on Mobile Bookstores

today, instead of cleaning as originally planned, i drove around town and killed time in a couple of used bookstores. sorry, nessa - no luck locating the last two The Last Vampire books. but i haven't given up hope. anyway, i'd never been to the book rack in the skyland shopping center (government @ azalea rd., if anyone is interested) before today. it's an ok little store. but the book corner next to office max (actually it's right next to the dentist's office in that shopping center by wal-mart on schillinger) is better. there's this little old lady who runs the place, and she's very sweet. her store is a little less claustrophic than the book rack, and i think she has a better selection. i joined the book corner's mailing list today...they send out postcards with discounts every so often...the one i got today was for 15% off my next purchase. i'm sure that there are other used bookstores in mobile, but these are the only two that i drive by in my daily least, that i've noticed. i'm not the most observant girl in the world, as my mother won't hesitate to tell you. actually, thrift stores are also good for finding used the goodwill and america's thriftstore at airport and schillinger. they're just not as organized as bookstores, so it's often more difficult to find what you're looking for...but they're usually super cheap.

you know, i really didn't need to go book shopping today...i really need to clean my filthy apartment. and i've bought a lot of books lately that i haven't had the time to read. oh well. it seemed like a good idea this morning. i should be able to get them read over the summer. hmm...a dilemma - to spend the afternoon curled up in the recliner with a new book or to spend the afternoon cleaning? that is the question.


Vanessa Mae said...

It's been recently that I've started picking up recreational reading. This past week, I started re-reading the Little House series (juvenile, I know, but they're classics!). I have a couple of books that I've bought but haven't read (The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Great Expectations) as well as some I've started but just haven't got around to finishing (The Cider House Rules, Wuthering Heights). I hope to someday have a room in my house as the designated library.

I have also been thinking about lending my hockey related books to you. They include Eleven Seconds by Travis Roy, Losing The Edge: The Rise And Fall Of The Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers by Barry Meisel (guy who owns Meigray Group), and Miami Ice: Winning The NHL Rat Race with the Florida Panthers by Dave Rosenbaum. Are you interested?

latina marie said...

i'm absolutely interested! thanks. and there's nothing wrong with reading juvenile books, even at our age. they go much faster now, and they bring back memories. also, i finished reading the second book in charlaine harris's dead series (living dead in dallas) if you'd like to borrow it. i'm about to start another book called slave to fashion. it's supposed to be funny. i'll let you borrow when i'm done, if you like.

latina marie said...

i also hope to have a library someday...between textbooks and recreational books, i'm accumulating quite a collection.

Vanessa Mae said...

Book exchanging ... sounds like fun. I'm also in the process of looking for Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch. After seeing the movie, I really want to read the book. If you find it at any of the bookstores in Mobile, let me know. So far, no luck in P'cola.

latina marie said...

i'll keep an eye out.