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Friday, April 29, 2005

Green Day Kicks Ass

many of you know that i am quite fond of green day's music. so of course i'm going to say that they kick ass. but unless you've been to their fan site lately, you don't know just how much ass they kick or how hard they kick it. somewhat surprisingly, seeing as i'm such a huge fan, i do not own either of green day's pre-dookie albums (well 1,039/smoothed out slappy hours is a compilation of a few albums). i know, i know. and i call myself a fan. how dare i. so, why don't i possess these albums, you ask? well, i'm cheap. yeah, yeah - chad's rubbing off on me. but every time i see these albums, they cost at least $13. i refuse to pay that for an album that is 15 years old. and forget finding a used copy. i've looked all over the place. anyway, today these problems disappeared. i went to the "audio archive" section of green day's fan site and happily discovered that i can download the songs from these albums - for free. sweet! there's gotta be a catch right? no! it's so awesome. well, the files are in a format that only realplayer will open, but so what? the realplayer download is free, too. i have every intention of burning all the songs onto cd's as soon as i get them all downloaded. so, instead of studying physical oceanography like a good girl, i've basically done nothing all day. well, i finally cleaned my apartment. that's something. i don't care, though. i'm getting 2 green day albums for free. kick ass.

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