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Monday, May 02, 2005

The Countdown

three more days until the semester officially ends. two and a half more chapters of physical oceanography to study. four more hours until dr. park emails us the physical oceanography final. three days to complete the final exam and turn it in. two more biometry programs to write. three days in which to write them. two days of studying already done. but my magic number for the week is 3. just 3 days left. i'll be happy when it's over.

i know it's not often that i go all weekend without posting something, but i was busy, folks. forgive me. surprise, surprise, people. i was a good girl over the weekend and actually got some studying done. no moral dilemma for me during this closed-book-take-home exam. no agonizing over whether i'm going to cheat and how bad i'll feel if i do. i didn't cheat last time, and by god, i'm not cheating now. especially after wasting a good chunk of my weekend actually studying for this blasted exam. three hours or so on saturday morning, a few more hours yesterday, a half hour behind me already this morning, a few more hours ahead of me before i check my email to retrieve the exam. a final glance through all 6 chapters before the notebook gets stashed on a shelf while i answer the questions and email them to dr. park. now, i just need to actually study the last couple of chapters...yuck. i hate heavy-duty studying. if we had a test after each chapter, life would be easier. it would force me to study throughout the semester instead of waiting to study until three days before a major exam. and there would be less to study.

so, i said i studied over the weekend, but obviously i didn't spend the whole thing with my nose in my notes. deva and i went to see a lot like love - the plot is a lot like boys and girls, but it's a pretty good movie. not as funny as fever pitch but worth watching. we also spent some cash at the mall. i hardly ever go to the mall anymore. it was kind of nice. zach visited this weekend. he and chad were going to go to a bay bears (baseball) game, but it got rained out, so they ended up hanging out with deva and me...they came and met up with us at the mall, then we headed for hooters for some grub. but we ended up eating at applebee's. then zach decided he needed to head for his parents' house - it was his dad's bday. i grilled him a little on his new girl prospect. the last one was a DA's assistant that he met in court. zach wasn't on trial or anything. he's a state trooper. anyway, chad tells me his new girl prospect isn't really girlfriend material. she's some chick that zach pulled over for something, and she called him sometime after that (how she got his digits, i do not know). guess she was turned on by the uniform - even with the silly mounty hat. i haven't seen zach in uniform. but i don't think i'd be very intimidated if he pulled me over, anyway. when you've seen a guy in a dress, it's pretty tough to get nervous around him. he makes a very pretty girl, btw.

all righty. time for serious studying. gotta knock out a couple more chapters so i can kick this exam's ass.


Vanessa Mae said...

How about we celebrate the semester being over with a trip to New Orleans this Saturday? When should I call you to finalize any plans on a trip?

Deva has to go too. Even if we have to kidnap her :-D

GOOD LUCK on your finals!!!

latina marie said...

how 'bout next saturday (may 14)? deva has to work this does chad.