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Thursday, May 26, 2005


well, after 3 1/2 hours with anne this afternoon, our MEPS paper is done. we made the final revisions to the paper and the letter to the editor (which has my name on it, even though anne is listed as the corresponding author). i made copies for us + melanie, and i gave it to judy to send off. it's out of our hands now, and i am quite happy.

apparently, i came across more peeved than i intended to in the letter. anne suggested that i rephrase a few things so that i wasn't pointing out that some of the reviewers' suggestions had been in the manuscript all along. tom, however, didn't seem concerned about my phrasing when he responded with comments on the manuscript and the letter, which i'd emailed to him after i made the first set of revisions. anyway, the changes were made. the letter is now nice and ass-kissingly polite. all of our figures have been labeled according their numbers in the paper (that was quite an experience - looking through all the figures from 3 years worth of experiments, trying to figure out which ones we'd used for the paper, because, no we did not do the smart thing and relabel the figures we used). two electronic copies of the manuscript and the individual picture files have been burned onto a cd, and the whole shebang (including hard copies of the letter and the manuscript + figures) has been mailed to our local MEPS editor. allow me to reiterate - i am quite happy. i can't wait to find out what issue the paper will appear in...or to see it on the list of pending publications on the MEPS website. *squeal*

i have finished state of fear, and as promised, i will rant about it. however, i'm in a good mood, with the finished paper and all, so i'll save the ranting for tomorrow. i also met with o'brien today (thankfully, that was before the marathon meeting with anne), and we're going to DISL in the morning (he drew me a map to his house so we don't have to take 2 cars. that was thoughtful), so the posting will occur sometime tomorrow afternoon. and now, i am off to start the da vinci code, which i am sure i will not be ranting about.

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