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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Done Done DOOONE!

hooray for me! i am finished with all my work for this semester! i finished my retarded biometry assignment today, and now all i have to do is print it out and show up thursday morning to turn it in. sweet. i emailed marcus and lindsey this morning for help on the last problem, and marcus and i decided to meet at the life sciences building to harass mccreadie. only when we got there, mccreadie was giving a final exam. i ran into nobuo, and he told me that gillian had the solution to our problem. so we went to find gillian. she apparently has all the answers. anyway, the problem was much easier than marcus and i tried to make it. so, we both finished the problem, and now all we have to do is show up and turn in the assignment. yay. i'm in a good mood now, with all my school work being finished. and i won't have anymore to worry about until august. how awesome is that? so, for now i'm just hangin' out, downloading some free green day music (which isn't faster when i use an ethernet connection for some reason - every other download is faster, but not these real audio files), deciding how to spend the rest of my day. and tomorrow. now i have tomorrow free, too. kick ass. i guess tomorrow i need to read up on some stuff and prepare myself for my meeting with dr. v. on thursday afternoon. anyway, i'm looking forward to doing some research over the summer. but for now, i'm looking forward to a couple of weeks of playing the couch potato. somebody turn me over if i start to sprout.


Vanessa Mae said...

Yay! Now you can do the extreme jubilation dance as well :-D. Good job, and you didn't wait until the very last minute ;-).

latina marie said...

yes indeedy. hooray for the jubilation dance! ...and that was very unlike me, getting on top of things and getting them done...early. that just goes to show you how ready i really was for this semester to be over.