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Monday, May 02, 2005


exam much harder than expected. may make a B in physical oceanography, after all. highly disappointed. want to hurt people again. maybe i need to take a break and turn it in tomorrow. but that ruins my plan for the week. dammit. freakin' ekman transport. freakin' having to draw tons of stupid diagrams. freakin' unclear questions. freakin' wind. freakin' estuaries. freakin' enso...oh, wait. that was an easy one. anyway, i'm sure you can tell that i'm unhappy about my phys oce exam. my head hurts. this test is hard. so not cool. i thought it would be easy, like the first one. i was wrong. very, very wrong. i hate physics. damn physics. damn hypothetical ocean whose surface slope i can't figure out. i can get the ekman part, just not the coriolis, pressure gradient, surface slope part. i'm not good at diagrams. i get myself turned around somehow. dammit. stupid geostrophic flow...but only when i'm supposed to be able to figure it out based on ekman transport. geostrophic flow by itself is pretty simple. stupid combining concepts...have i mentioned that my head hurts?

ok, done venting. returning to exam.

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