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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Field Day

so, i've been roped into attending flomaton elementary school's field day tomorrow...which means i have to get up and leave early. yuck. oh well. actually, i don't really mind. my sister called as soon as she got home from school yesterday and asked if i would come. i'm not doing anything else, so i said yes. i'll be back in mobile tomorrow afternoon in time for vanessa to come over in preparation for our trip to new orleans on saturday. i want to go to the zoo. i'm such a dork. new orleans is, like, the party capital of the south, and i just want to go to the zoo. guess i'm not much of a partier. oh well. we're also going to pay a visit to the french quarter. this will be chad's first official visit to new orleans (he went last week for work, but he spent the whole day in the ponchatrain convention center, so i don't count that), so we have to subject him to the joys of bourbon street. i only hope (probably in vain) that the city is not as dirty as it was the last time i was there for a visit (the summer before last). when looking for a place to have lunch, my group was greeted by a huge blocked off section of sidewalk, and we were forced to walk around the barricade in the street. however, this was immensely preferable to the alternative (if the barricade weren't there) - walking through a puddle of sewage that was bubbling up onto that section of the sidewalk. absolutely vile. and this disgusting public display of sewage was right in front of a bunch of restaurants. i was not pleased. but we ate a few blocks away, and my mahi mahi was quite tasty. let us all hope that the city of new orleans has remedied its sewer issues by now.

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Vanessa Mae said...

Field Day is fun. I hope to hear all about when I get to your place tonight.

I'm so excited about New Orleans! I'm bringing two cameras. And you're not the only one excited about going to the Zoo :-D.

See ya tonight!