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Thursday, May 05, 2005


now, i don't really put much stock in a horoscope, but i find them entertaining anyway. the university paper, the vanguard, has the funniest (but most wrong) horoscopes. the best ever was when lindsey's mentioned something about losing an eye to a frisky gator and setting trends with her spiffy eye patches. i'll pick one up today and see what it has to say about me. my yahoo horoscope tells me i'm going to learn a new skill today or tomorrow, and the one in this month's cosmo predicts that i will injure myself this month...but it doesn't mention how or when. oh, and at the end of the month scheduling down time will save my sanity. well, for the rest of the month i'm going to have lots of down time, no scheduling required. oh, and i'm going to be broke on my anniversary. actually, that might not be too far from the truth. this is one of those between semester times when i don't get paid. that's the one thing that sucks about getting paid thru school...if classes aren't in session, i get no dinero. so, basically i don't get paid for the next month. but, since i deferred my stipend for june (when i'm gonna be a TA at DISL), i'll get paid in august when i wouldn't normally. that's good, at least. but anyway, that has nothing to do with horoscopes. you know, i wonder who writes the horoscopes for the vanguard. i bet i could do it. just jot down the first random event that comes to mind and pick a sign to attach it to.

anyway, i guess it's nice to know that chad and i are astrologically compatible. he's a libra; i'm a leo. and let me tell you, judging solely on the attribubtes of my sign, i'm kinda bitchy and overbearing. i also have a huge ego, am controlling, have "unbounded energy," am outlandish, direct, and flamboyant, and i am ruled by the sun and enjoy spreading warmth and invigorating life. oh, and i'm apparently a good leader, despite the overbearing dictator, no-compromise thing. am i really this bitchy and overbearing? i don't know, i definitely have some of these qualities. but on the upside, according to astrology, i'm also loyal, generous, confident, and a good entertainer. ok, so maybe i am somewhat like my sign...i do have a healthy ego and lots of energy. and i do get antsy when i feel i'm not in control. and the sun...i love then sun. i would be one of those people who get really depressed if i lived somewhere where the sun doesn't shine for months. i don't even like it when it rains two days in a row. and warmth...i hate the cold. many other people actually pay attention to their horoscopes? i usually read them for a laugh, but their predictions almost never come true. and statistically, even crackpot astrologers have to be right some of the time.

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