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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Doin' a Little Dance

and i mean that quite literally. even as i sit here typing, i'm doing a little jig in my chair. yeah, baby. so, why am i dancing? i got an A in physical oceanography, which i found out just two minutes ago. i got an 86 on the final exam. not too shabby. i was worried. my final grade for the course was an 87.3, which really should have been a B. but, joyously, dr. park decided that this score was deserving of an A. number grades don't go on my transcript. so, my grade will report will just read "MAS 601 Physical Oceanography A." kick ass. so my 6-year straight A streak continues. my homework grade was not as atrocious as i'd feared (it was an 84), despite the many less-than-par scores on numerous assignments. so, my college transcript has not been tainted with a B. obviously, i am quite excited at this turn of events.

1 comment:

Vanessa Mae said...

you mean ... *extreme jubilation* dance? :-D

Mazel tov on straight A's, that's excellent!