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Monday, May 30, 2005

Running Down Zimmerman

a happy memorial day to all. in my part of the world, it looks like it will rain all day. oh well. it's not like i had big plans or anything. actually, i need to do some work today. yeah, work has been a rare thing for me over the past few (ok...more than a few) months, but tomorrow i start my TA for o'brien, and i'm meeting with gretchen and dr. v. to make plans for our first trip to st. joe. so, that means i have to get up early and be out the door at 7:00, drop off some stuff at my office, and make it to the vehicle and vessel meeting (o'brien and i have a boat conflict with someone else, so i don't know whether we'll be going out on thursday or friday). then, it will be off to do a couple of winkler titrations to see which size pillows we need to use (don't worry if you don't understand that - it's a method of measuring dissolved oxygen in seawater) and go harass dardeau about a pH meter.

so, dr. v. successfully ran down zimmerman. he's ok with sharing his protocols, and dr. v. told me to email him to set up a conference call. that was thursday. i sent the email, and i have yet to receive a reply. perhaps zimmerman doesn't accept emails from strangers...even though i identified myself as dr. v.'s student (dr. v. cc'd the original email to me, so i know that he told zimmerman about me and why we needed the protocol), so maybe he's just been busy. i'd hoped to do the conference call tomorrow when i meet with dr. v., but it looks like that's not going to happen. oh well. i don't need the protocol right this second, so it's not a big deal. the conference call will happen later. i'm a little nervous. this guy is big time. he's published a butt ton of papers, and now he's a department chair/administrator. i want dr. v. present the first time i talk to this guy so i know how i should act. i'm completely comfortable with the bio dept chair at USA, but i've never really talked to the marine science dept chair. i tend to get nervous when i meet people who are big in the world of marine ecology for the first time. guidance is definitely required.

ok...i'm out of here.

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