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Thursday, April 21, 2005


i feel like i've done nothing but homework all week. oh wait, i have done homework all week. that 'splains it, then. anyway, this afternoon i'm just chillin', listening to some tunes, printing pictures from the locker room tour and our trip to greenville (there's something weird about my camera - my pictures always look better when i print them myself than when i take them to wal-mart). i picked and chose...between the two groups of pics, there are way more than 100. no way i'm printing all of those. but's nice not doing homework. that doesn't mean that there isn't homework to do, it just means that i'm putting it off until monday. since i'm doing nothing useful this afternoon, i guess i'll be cleaning tomorrow. i live like a pig, and it's time i fixed that. but not today. today is for relaxing. tomorrow, chad and i are going to pay a visit to best buy and look into getting a wireless internet laptop is equipped for it, and plugging the cord in every time i log on is a pain in the ass.

anyway, i finally finished all the crap i said i was going to do last week before we went to greenville. i handed in my biometry assignment this morning...i think that lindsey and i have acquired a new member for our circle of statistical symbiosis (say that 3 times fast). marcus has been chatting with us a lot in class lately (he's also in my geological oceanography class), and tuesday he discovered the symbiotic nature of the relationship that lindsey and i have going in biometry (she corners mccreadie with questions and tells me what he says, and i help her out when she doesn't know what the hell he means). so, he saved us loads of time by just telling what to do for problem 4 (he'd already talked to mccreadie) instead of making us hunt through our notes for what to do, and he emailed me for help on problem 3, which i gladly gave, as he'd been generous with his knowledge of problem 4. like i said, it's a nice symbiosis we have going.

but anyway, not a whole lot's happening in my life right now...i'm just trying to get through the next two weeks until this semester is finally over. my core courses are done after this semester, so now i can take classes that actually interest me. hooray! oh yeah, i told deva about the "jason is my homeboy" poster, but i don't think she ever saw it. so, this is for you, deva.
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