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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Great Season

well guys, i must say that this has been the best ice pilots' season ever. i enjoyed it immensely. our guys totally kicked ass, and vanessa and i pulled some of our goofiest stunts involving the players ever...and deva joined in on our fun this year. see vanessa's blog for picture proof of our antics. we finally got nick lindberg to flex for us (even though he wouldn't do it alone - i had to do it with him...wait, i didn't mean that the way it came out). and corey neilson flexed, too. i'd call that a success. i took a pic w/ *jacquo* while standing in the autograph session line (even though i had nothing to sign). he was funny. i'm glad i bought the jersey of one of the nicer pilots...but even jordan krestanovich was nice and actually spoke to us last night. guess they were in a good mood. hmm...the autograph nazi (the scary lady with the bright yellow sign proclaiming "one autographed item per person only") didn't yell at us for wasting the guys' valuable time getting photos with their fans. i was a tad surprised - she seemed to think that we lowly fans weren't worthy of the time of the guys we support. and the woman in line in front of us was annoying, acting as if we were just a bunch of stupid, giggly girls (maybe that's true) who needed to be told who the guys were (name and number) each time one got close to us (as if we haven't memorized every one of their faces by now - definitely not true). i hope that dwayne's recognition of us ("i haven't seen you guys much lately, except at games of course") put that lady in her place - not only do we know who they are, a couple of them even know who we are...and corey n. and cam of course recognized nessa. yup, last night's win over the damn sea wolves (and the festivities following the game) was the perfect cap on a great regular season. let's hope the guys keep it up in the postseason.

as for today, it's the season ticket holder's end of the year get-together, aka playoff rally for the team. chad and i only bought a 16-game plan this season, but we went to so many more games than that, it's not even funny. anyway, we merited an invite to today's festivities. and i intend to skate today. even though i can't skate. so i'd better not wear anything tight that might hinder my dragging my bruised and aching body up off the ice multiple times. it's ok. chad's never been ice skating, so we can look slow and inept together. or just fall down together. maybe we won't hurt ourselves too badly. maybe i won't lose a finger when i fall and accidentally run over my own hand. i'm actually quite paranoid about that. i keep thinking about that scene in Happy Gilmore where happy says he's the only guy in hockey who's taken off a skate and tried to stab somebody with it. it always reminds me of the dangers of ice skates. even if those dangers are just in my own head. oh well. it's gonna be fun, anyway.

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