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Monday, April 04, 2005

Quick Note Before Class

ahh...monday. not the best day of the week. i have to lead the discussion in class today. i hope people talk. my presentation is extremely short...7 slides, ~6-7 minutes. just a little intro for my topic. i'm strangely not nervous at all. oh well. nothing to be nervous about. i actually feel a little like i did when i was teaching labs. i didn't care what they thought of me - i knew that i knew more about whatever i was talking about than those freshmen did. even though i know very little about sediment-organism interactions. but i'm pretty good at pulling the scarfs out of my sleeve. i can make it seem like i know what i'm talking about, even if i don't really. oh well. i actually read all three papers this week...which is good since i picked 'em. all righty, then...enough chatter about my impending presentation...gotta get ready for is "lunch in class" day. i better go pack one.

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