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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


there went my little bubble. chad's father has apparently decided that a trip to greenville is a bad idea, offering up all sorts of excuses. the main one of which was the cost of gas. well, if he bought a new truck with a V8 engine for the sole purpose of being able to pull the camper then why turn around and complain about its terrible gas mileage? and why keep the camper on the condition of using it and then use gas as an excuse not to take it anywhere? why not just sell it if they aren't going to use it? which they apparently aren't going to because they're depending on me and chad to go places in it. how silly is that? if they want to go camping, they should just go since they don't want to go to the places that chad and i will want to. the only place they intend to use the camper is the state park in gulf shores. sorry, that's not my cup of tea. i'd rather go explore a new place. their reasoning makes no sense to me. really, i wish that they had just said they didn't want to go when chad asked them about it last night.

ok, now that that's off my chest, i can get to the real point of this post. chad and i might still go to greenville on saturday and stay in a hotel. but we would like it if others (you know who you are) would agree to join us...get a room with 2 double beds, take my car, split the cost of the room and gas. this way, we aren't springing for a hotel room and gas and tickets. i haven't looked at hotel prices in greenville, but the room we stayed in in tampa had 2 queen beds and was ~$70/night. so, how 'bout it, guys? up for a road trip? we'd have to buy gas ~4 times the whole trip in my car. that comes to ~$15-20/person for gas. the tickets in the section i want to sit in are $12 plus ticketmaster'll probably be ~$16. we can order them online and have them waiting at will-call. if you guys are interested, i'll check out hotel prices and find out how much that would be a person. if the hotel peeps are sneaky and charge by the person, i can say it's only for 2 people and we'll be just as sneaky as they are. we'd like to visit an arena we haven't been to, and this (i hate to say it) might be our only chance this season.


Deva said...

Yes, sounds like fun even though you already know.

latina marie said...

so, how 'bout you nessa? have any plans for the weekend?

Vanessa Mae said...

Man, I so would love to go.

But my friend Kathy from St. Pete is coming up here for the playoff games and staying through Saturday (her birthday).

Next series maybe?

latina marie said...

nuts. sorry you can't go...we'll try again next series.