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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wound Up Like A...

all right, i can't think of a good simile here, but you get the idea. i am entirely too wound up to concentrate on something as trivial as piles upon piles of school work. this morning i told lindsey that i would actually start on our biometry assignment today...she told me i wouldn't, i said she's probably right, and she said she'd let me know if mccreadie told her anything earth-shattering regarding the assignment (which we've both agreed not to turn in until next thursday). if it weren't for discussing the problems in class with lindsey, i wouldn't have a clue what the assignment was. you know me, i still haven't bothered to start it. yesterday claire was talking about not working efficiently even after being in grad school for nearly a, it's been that long and i still don't have a definite project. damn. anyway, she works a whole lot more than i do. she can actually ask questions in class because she's actually been working on things. i hope it makes her feel better to know that there are lazier people in her classes. anyway, it looks like i'm not going to get anything done today, so i'll probably be left scrambling to get piles of phys oce homework done on tuesday afternoon (as predicted, even more was accumulated after yesterday's hellish 6-hr ordeal). yeah, i know i have tomorrow to work on stuff, too. but i have papers to read and a review to write for monday, which takes precedence over something due on wednesday. hmm...that only leaves wednesday for biometry...maybe i'll work on it monday. i know i'll get nothing done over the weekend in greenville. :) i don't care. that's my problem. i don't feel any pressure to get things done. and even if i did, i don't think i could concentrate on anything right now. after class, i went over to the gym thingy by the pool and walked 5 miles on the treadmill while reading a new book (living dead in dallas by charlaine harris). i was speed-walking, too. but not even burning off over 1,000 calories has managed to curb my incessant energy. this probably means that i'm going to crash hard later tonight (after the game, i hope). the only thing fueling me right now is excitement-induced adrenaline brought on by excitement over the upcoming hockey-packed weekend.

ok, i'm hungry. i should stop typing now. and i need to register for fall semester (my schedule is dr. v.-approved: freshwater ecology with lindsey, ecotoxicology [even though dr. rice drives me crazy], and seminar at DISL).

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