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Saturday, April 09, 2005

UPS Sucks

i'm not quite to the point of referring to them as "damn UPS," but i'm getting there. i order a lot of stuff online. especially i pre-ordered the new artemis fowl book (sort of a kiddie series, but fun to read nonetheless) from, and it shipped last friday (4/1). wednesday, there was a notice from UPS on my door when i got home saying they would re-deliver on thursday. well, it's saturday, and my friendly neighborhood UPS guy (actually, it's usually a woman) still hasn't made a repeat appearance. so, i go online and enter my invoice number, only to discover that no attempt was made to redeliver my package because someone had marked that i would pick it up. the big problem: i have no idea which UPS pick-up center my package went to. so, i called UPS customer service. which also isn't easy to use - way too many automated options with no way to get to an actual person. anyway, i finally got to talk to a person, and i was told that someone would call me by 10 am on monday to arrange for delivery and find out what the hell happened. usually, i get things when they're sent via UPS. usually, when i'm not home and they try to make a delivery, they come back after 5 pm the same day. but not this time. what a pain. i've never had an issue with fed-ex, however. i can pick up my package at the fed-ex place the same day they try to deliver it. or they'll try again the next day. so, fed-ex is better than UPS.

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Vanessa Mae said...


UPS may not be the greatest, but they are far better than USPS.

Good luck on getting the package.

Missed ya last night. Deva finally got a picture with Freddie that turned out.