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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What a Waste

the most useful thing i did today was clean my aquarium. i think it pissed off my snail (his name is gary, and he's huge), but it was much needed. he's been trying to hide under an equally huge sand dollar for about a week, and i moved it when i was vacuuming the gravel. so now gary's sulking in a corner of the tank. or that's how i see it, anyway. his being a snail, i guess i don't really know when he's sulking. now that i think about it, i don't even know if he's actually a he. maybe he's a she...i know the cleaning freaked out my nameless damselfish. but it always does, and he always comes out ok. the hermit crabs just don't give a damn. i actually moved a fake rock to a new position that facilitates their climbing up the airline, so maybe it made the crabs happy. i'll try to catch some new stuff to stick in there this summer. i really want a puffer. well, a striped burr fish. but i'm not paying $40 for one in the pet store. perhaps i'll rescue one from a trawl over the summer. i'll get a free fish and the satisfaction of knowing that i probably saved its life...even though i was the reason it would have died, anyway with my trawling and all. hmm...

so yeah, today's looong physical oceanography class was a big fat waste of time. there weren't that many notes to cover, and hashing out the details of the final exam didn't do anyone any good. i like dr. park, but sometimes he gives far too many details. i was quite excited when he returned last week's homework, though. i got a 10/10 on the first two probs, a 15/15 on the third, and a 78/80 on the last one (and the two points i missed were from one careless mistake). that's the best homework grade i've gotten in quite a while. and it made me feel not-so-bad about totally bombing the stupid problem i turned in today (the one that caused me to make vicious threats yesterday). dr. park went over the solution after we turned it in, and i figure i'll get about half the points for it. bummer. anyway, i intended to start on my biometry assignment today, but alas, i did not. yes, i still have time to start it, but you and i both know that just isn't going to happen. i've also decided that, despite the fact that lindsey is being a good student and going, i will not be going to biometry in the morning (sorry, lindsey). i feel that my time will be better spent actually working on the assignment in the morning than sitting in class with mccreadie just talking about the assignment. if i run into problems, i'll corner mccreadie either friday or early next week. i also need to start studying for my phys oce final. i intend to do the exam as soon as i get it monday and get it out of the way. then i can just finish up the biometry thing, and my work for the semester will done. oh, i can't wait.

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