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Friday, April 01, 2005

Want a Cookie?

...or five? i have a butt ton of baked goods that i no longer need. yes, i spent yesterday afternoon baking for no reason, apparently. due to the bad bad weather we've been having, discovery day at DISL has been cancelled. the grounds at DISL are too soaked to set up for tomorrow. i'm pretty upset about that, since i've already made cookies and brownies. but if i'd waited until today to bake stuff, i wouldn't have had time to get things to DISL...which i don't have to do now. i'll unload some stuff at my mom's house, but i'll still have a bunch left. so, if someone would like to to take some off my hands, that would be awesome. on the bright side of things, i don't have to dodge flooded roads to make it to dauphin island today. i needed to pay a visit to the sea lab library, but driving in this crap isn't worth the info i could get. the library will still be there next week. but now i'm stuck with more cookies than any two people could possibly eat. and i have 8 huge brownies. so, if you'd like, i can try and sneak some stuff into the game tomorrow...or i can meet you guys after and load you up with fattening stuff. please, please don't make me eat nothing but cookies and brownies for three days. *light bulb* maybe i'll see if judy has all the snacks ready for this afternoon's seminar and unload some stuff there in the bio dept.

wow, i'm watching the news, and i don't think that i could get to dauphin island. it looks as if all possible routes are flooded...rangeline is finally open, but it's flooded at halls mill rd. and hamilton blvd. and my "get around rangeline" route is also out - hwy 193 is flooded at laurendine...and bellingrath is closed at cold creek. hmm...fowl river rd. might still be open...but that's probably a bad idea, too. but anyway, i don't have to go out until 3:45 this afternoon now, so i guess i'm staying in to work on my discussion for monday. i've read the longest paper i the 8-pg one, then the 4-pg one. i always read the longest 1st so it feels like less work by the time i get to the last one and i'm tired of reading. and then...look up all the words i didn't understand (i'm making a list) and put together my power point.

hmm...i've already read a lot of school-related stuff this morning. i think i'll go work out and do some recreational reading before i do the rest.

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