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Sunday, April 24, 2005

There IS Such a Thing as a Free Lunch

it's nice to be in grad school, with (mostly) very small classes that allow for things like deciding to have class in a restaurant one day. doug emailed everyone yesterday with the articles we're supposed to read for monday's class, and since he'd promised us pizza he declared that we should just meet at picklefish (it's right next to campus, anyway) at 11:30. sweet. a very nice end to geological oceanography. no lecture for the last class and no final exam. just hangin' out, having pizza, for those who like beer (i'm not one of them, which really surprised some of the guys in the class for some reason) havin' a beer, and discussing our thoughts on global warming and sea level rise. it should be fun. it's really quite interesting what a bunch of scientists will talk about if you give them pizza and beer...even at 11:30 in the morning. anyway, no review to write this week, just have to read some articles, some of which are pretty intense, claiming that global warming will cause famine and nuclear war. actually, that was one that i submitted. doug said he wanted unrefereed publications that didn't necessarily have to be based on science, so i thought it was a good choice. it came from a seattle newspaper.

the end of the semester is so close, i can practically taste it. i just have to read stuff for tomorrow's class, solve a problem for physical oceanography and summarize my answer and the assumptions i made in less than three pages, do 3 biometry problems (which *scarily* involve writing programs in minitab) by may 5, and study for my closed-book-take-home phys oce final exam to be emailed to us may 2. 11 days. i can survive for 11 more days. actually, i'm looking forward to my free picklefish lunch tomorrow...then i can get to dreading the rest.

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