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Thursday, November 10, 2005

West Mobile Boys DO Like 'Em Dirty

that's the going theory, anyway. and the farther west you go, the more boys will honk. it's crazy, but that doesn't mean it's not true. lindsey and i went collecting today at big creek lake (among other places), and the number of honks directed at us while we were doing this collecting was insane. apparently, lindsey + latina + grungy field clothes + pony tails + jeans rolled up huck finn style + a couple of sexy dip nets = smokin' hot. apparently the wolf-whistle a couple of weeks ago at that random stream on grelot rd. wasn't just a fluke thing. the honks began when the two of us were getting the nets out of lindsey's car. many more followed when we actually made our way down into the shallow part of the lake and tried not to sink up to our knees in mud (we weren't so successful at that a couple of times). do normal people just honk at random girls they see from an overpass? it was nutty, really. i guess there's just something about the combination of me and lindsey that triggers the honking reflex in guys.

oh, and just for laughs here are a couple of band names we came up with based on random phrases we've said because of freshwater ecology. wouldn't this make a great flier?
Don't Miss
Lindsey Timmerman and the Undescribed Chub
Opening for
LaTina Steele and the Intoxicated Waterfowl
sounds exciting, right? the intoxicated waterfowl thing came when i was a little frustrated with the number of specimens we were able to collect yesterday (though i did get this one big ass mussel, and it was awesome), and i suggested that we throw a duck (not a canada goose this time) in our giant jar of ethanol and use it for our collection (we aren't really allowed to do that - the only vertebrates we can use are fish). then we speculated about mccreadie's reaction when we pour out this huge, soaking duck that, rather than being pickled by the alcohol just got drunk, and starts wobbling around the lab. we imagined it going a little something like this: mccreadie says, "what is that?!?" then i reply, "intoxicated waterfowl." then came the, "hey, that's a great band name" from lindsey, ending the speculation about mccreadie's reaction and leading to a whole new line of craziness. we'd already decided that undescribed chub is just weird enough to work as a band name after lindsey identified one of our fish, and it turned out to be an undescribed chub (though it was very well described, right there in the book she used to i.d. it).

anyway, despite the giggles (of which there were many), it turned out to be a pretty productive day. i'm glad we skipped two classes to go to big creek lake instead. i haven't skipped a class in a while. it was ok. mccreadie said it was all right. he knew what we were doing. we went to freshwater ecology, asked him if we could pick up our tests from last week (i made a 97 again - sweet) and then go over to big creek lake, and he said it was fine with him. so he also knew where we were when we skipped his lab later in the afternoon (we were just identifying specimens anyway).

so, that's all folks!

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Holly said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better... And nets always work on East Coast men up here, too.