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Saturday, November 19, 2005

*Thanks*, Refs

who knew how much you desired a win for the atlanta thrashers? well, you certainly must have wanted to ensure a thrasher victory, or at least ensure those bastards a point, since there were two of you out there, both supposedly watching the play (i.e., the puck), and you failed to call the hook or trip or whatever you wanted to call it that brought simon gagne down in the last 20 seconds of play as he was heading straight for atlanta's empty net. it was such an obvious call, dudes. even the seemingly anti-flyers tsn announcers thought that big fat trip should have been an automatic flyers goal, meaning that philly would have won that one in regulation. i actually would have settled for a two-minute minor that would have taken away atlanta's two-man advantage (with a flyer in the box and michael garnett out of the net). but no. neither of you freakin' idiots noticed the stick that brought simon down as he crossed the blue line into the thrashers zone. he would have walked the puck straight into the empty net because he was no doubt breaking away from the thrasher defense. but they couldn't have that, now could they? and neither could you. god forbid that the flyers play a shitty first period, totally redeem themselves in the second, continue to play well in the third, and pull out a win after being down 3-1 after the 1st. nope, you didn't want to see that happen. so you let the trip go, and freakin' atlanta would move back to philly's end and score with 7 seconds left... and then manage to win it in OT. dammit. atlanta should not have had so much as a single point from that game, but instead they come out of it with two points that should have belonged to philadelphia. i blame you, refs. i blame you.

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Vanessa Mae said...

Flyers can't seem to catch a break these days.

And against Atlanta... I hate that team.