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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Somebody Kill Me, Please

shoot me now and put me out of my misery. i thought this whole sore throat sickness thing was gone, then i woke up this morning feeling like my brain had been scrambled like an egg and someone had been doing cave drawings on my tonsils with a chain saw... and i had to go take an ecotox exam. i just want to sleep... and then sleep some more. but instead i had to dope myself up and go take a classic dr. rice test (one that takes 15 minutes longer than the class period to finish), which was enough to induce a headache all by itself. at least mccreadie took pity on me and cancelled freshwater ecology today... well, it wasn't really all because of me. he was supposed to be gone to a conference in florida today, but it was cancelled due to damage from hurricane wilma. he forgot to change the syllabus, though so it still said there was no class today. of course, no one bothers to check the syllabus, so we all thought we had class, and everyone showed up anyway. lindsey and i talked mccreadie into letting us go do other stuff, though. anyway, now i can just stay here and sleep all afternoon. yay, sleep.

ok, going to take a nap now, since no one wants to shoot me.


Vanessa Mae said...

We don't want to shoot you! Instead, we'll send best wishes for a speedy recovery, and all that good stuff.

It's going to be an interesting night for hockey. That should be good medicine for ya ;-).

latina marie said...

thanks for that.

and how 'bout sidney crosby and the pengiuns beating the rangers yesterday? that was pretty sweet. i didn't get to watch the game, since i was cramming for my exam today, but i was happy when i saw the score.

let's go flyers!

Holly said...

Poor chick!
Feel better!