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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Do a Happy Dance!

this is my last post today, i swear. i'm just excited... about hockey, if you can believe it. i've been so down on my teams this weekend that the flyers' recent win over damn ottawa makes me even happier than usual. i was all prepared to see them lose. but no, they won 5-3, handing the sens their first home loss of the season. this brought them redemption in my eyes. they scored three power play goals on the "all-mighty" hasek (read this with sarcasm, please), and they totally shut down dany heatley (too bad they couldn't do the same to chara, the big giant ostrich man, who had 2 of the sens' 3 goals). the senators never had a lead. it was awesome. hatcher still pissed me off, taking three penalties, but one of them actually wasn't his fault. that was another incident in which a flyer was penalized when his stick was nowhere near the guy he supposedly tripped. the flyer penalty kill still sucked, though. they gave up two power play goals, and their kill % is still stuck in the 70's. the PP just gets better and better, though, so that's something.

so, after that gem of a flyers game, i turned it over to the ducks/coyotes game just in time to catch a pre-second period interview with none other than dave farrish and his shiny bald head. i had actually gone into the kitchen to get some dinner when i heard, "...dave farrish" and rushed back into the living room to see pensacola's former coach on fox sports west. it was pretty sweet.

and with that, i will have happy dreams tonight.


Vanessa Mae said...

I was also thrilled to bits when I checked the final score of the game last night and saw that the Flyers had won. Seriously, I need to consider investing in Center Ice next season.

Yes, yes, yes, and my fantasy hockey guys did well. Chara is actually one of them, so he can score all he wants as long as the Flyers still win. Oh, and Simon Gagne is my hero.

latina marie said...

poo - i can't stand the big giant ostrich guy. oh well. the flyers won... and i think that simon gange should be considered a hero for all flyer fans. that guy is amazing. and so is mike richards. no scoring from him, but boy was he ever a thorn in the senators' sides. that kid is most definitely going to be a star. and esche... man did he ever play a great game. he totally robbed alfredsson at least three times. he was phenomenal - much better than hasek.

the bad thing is that kim johnsson got hurt in the first period, but i hope he'll have time to heal before thursday's game against the caps. they can actually win without primeau this year. how 'bout that?

Vanessa Mae said...

What happened to Captain Keith? I noticed he wasn't in the line-up on the box score. He is also one of my favorite Flyers, one of the best captains they've had since I've been watching the team.

latina marie said...

they said that he was feeling lethargic and having headaches during the morning practice, so they decided that he shouldn't play. i don't think he's officially on the IR though. he should be back soon.