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Friday, October 14, 2005

The Procrastination Queen is Back

i've really been on the ball this semester. i've barely put anything off at all compared to my usual ways. i've studied for exams days in advance... unheard of for the queen of the late-night cram session. i even wrote a lab report three whole days before it was due. but here i sit, breaking a promise to myself. my goal for the week was to work on my ecotox proposal presentation today (which i've gathered some references for but haven't actually begun), but i really don't want to. i'm just not in the mood to work on a proposal for a project that will never actually get done. but, seeing as my presentation is tuesday, it needs to be done - at the least planned. chad and i are going to the ice pilots' first preseason game tonight (we're tivo-ing the flyers and lightning games tonight and tommorrow night, so don't spill anything about the flyers/penguins game when you see me on saturday, nessa), then heading to flomaton after the game so chad's dad can help him install a toolbox on his truck on saturday, then going from the 'rents' place to saturday's game. obviously, that doesn't allow for time to work on my proposal any (because of course i don't do school related work at mom's house)... but i will have all day sunday... then monday morning to practice... ok. i have formulated a new plan right before your very eyes. i will generate a general outline of the presentation and read some of those references today and put it all together sunday. sounds good to me.

mmmkay. off to do some work i guess. then, later tonight - hockey, of course! i can't wait to see all the new guys. lay-tah!

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Vanessa Mae said...

I'll keep mum, for sure. Especially now that I know you'll be here! Yay!

I know you want to see that Dominic guy for yourself. Mrrrowr.