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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bad Week

i decided this morning that i'm having a bad week. and it's only wednesday. blah. i guess it could be worse, but i can't shake this sense of gloom. maybe it's the crazy fog this morning. or maybe it's a build-up of "little things." or maybe it's that i found out over the weekend that my grandmother has skin cancer... and that yesterday in ecotox the lecture topic was carcinogens. no one in my family was really surprised at the news about my granny. she's had this funky place on her upper arm for about 2 years that her doctor has been telling her to get checked by a dermatologist. yet, every time the doctor made an appointment my granny called and cancelled it. crazy old lady. i think she was afraid to find out. anyway, she finally went for a biopsy last week, only the doctor she saw took one look at her arm, said it was cancerous (it's grown from quarter-sized to 5 1/2 inches in diameter over the past year or so) and that he saw no reason to cut twice, and scheduled the surgery to remove it for early in november.

and, to make this week even better, today begins those four or five days every month when i hate being a girl. like i said, blah.

moving on, the flyers game last night didn't help my mood any. they lost to the freakin' maple leafs, and damn ottawa beat montreal. badness all around. eshce's goals against average is going to suck. just guessing, but i'm gonna predict that nittymaki starts in goal on friday against the penguins (and former flyers mark recchi and john leclair). esche allowed another 4 goals last night, including a screened power play shot by freakin' eric lindros. why couldn't it have been anyone but lindros? on the upside, gange continues to impress as he picked up two points last night, with one coming on a short-handed goal late in the 2nd period. and the one toronto goal that i wasn't so upset about was former st. john's maple leaf kyle wellwood's first career NHL goal. it was really kind of sweet. he looked so happy. it's not often that you see that kind of sheepish grin on a hockey player's face. i was kind of happy for the kid (in a bittersweet sort of way, since his first goal came against my favorite team). he's a cutie, too... too bad he plays for the enemy.

after the game, chad and i wallowed in the current suckiness of our respective NHL teams. after impressive starts from both philly and tampa bay in '03-'04, they are both getting off to awful starts this season. tampa bay lost to boston monday night 4-2, and philly lost to toronto last night by the same score (and just fyi, that was the same score in the ottawa/montreal game last night). yuck. both of our teams play pittsburgh this weekend, so maybe they'll pick up a couple more wins. philly also plays the islanders. these games may be tivo-ed, though. i really want to go to both the ice pilots' preseason games this weekend, since chad's shoulder is still bothering him, and he isn't playing in the rugby game on friday night. i think i have him talked into going to pensacola friday and saturday, so expect to see us, those who will be at the games.

ok. it's time to go and work on a proposal for ecotox... i have to give a presentation on it next tuesday.


Holly said...

Sorry to hear about your granny. All the best to you and your family.
And good luck on the presentation.

Vanessa Mae said...

I am also so sorry about your grandmother. I hope that the surgery goes well. I'll be thinking of you guys.

But I'm happy that I might see you this weekend! Yayness!

Gabriël said...

I hope that your grandma will be feeling better soon.
I know scientist and doctors have made lots of progress in treating people suffering of cancer.
Wish you granma much strenght from a guy living in Belgium.