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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hockey and Happy Birthday

so, yesterday was chad's 24th birthday... and it was also the NHL's opening night. so many hockey games, so little time. chad spent the day playing hockey on his playstation 2 and donating blood. i spent the day studying and setting up another ecotox experiment.

...and then it was hockey time. it makes me sad to say that the flyers/rangers game was a huge disappointment. it would have been fine if the game had ended at the end of the second period... but it just didn't. or maybe it did for the flyers. freakin' jagr... he was making crazy mistakes all night long, and i was having a great time laughing at him (especially his interference penalty - somebody should really tell him you aren't allowed to play the puck from the bench... gotta have a skate on the ice, buddy), and then came the third period. two goals from jagr back to back... and then one from freakin' marion hossa's little bro. it's almost as bad as marion hossa himself. and where the hell was esche? he fell apart in the 3rd too. but forsberg made a couple of nice plays, and i was fairly impressed with rookie mike richards. they'd better step it up friday night against new jersey.

the tampa game turned out better for chad. they dominated carolina for most of the game, and i had fun watching vinny lecavalier's inner figure skater. have you ever noticed that he really likes the spinning back-hand shot?

ahh, then we flipped over to the anaheim/chicago game for a look at former ice pilot coach dave farrish behind the ducks bench... and a glance at nikolai khabibulin. he totally felt esche's pain after that game... 5 goals each scored on two of my favorite goalies all in the same night. yikes.

and let's not forget the history making damn ottawa/toronto shoot-out. yup. we watched that, too. we were watching the post-game action on OLN, when i noticed the scores scrolling across the bottom - that game was in OT, so we tuned in and witnessed history. i am not a fan of either team (despite toronto's pensacola affiliation - when one of our former players sees some ice time, i'll pull for the leafs), so it didn't really hurt that much that the damn senators won. at least havlat missed his shot... and so did eric lindros (ha!). i freakin' can't stand lindros. if it had to be anyone who clinched the win for damn ottawa, i'm glad it was dany heatley and not one of the senators i really hate.

as you can tell, it was a hockey-filled night here in mobile last night. it was awesome. i so love NHL center ice.


Vanessa Mae said...

Please tell Chad that I said happy birthday!

I was disappointed in the Flyers game as well. I felt bad for Esche because on at least three of the shots, he was screened by his own players. Forsberg ... while he did well at the beginning of the game, kinda disappeared. I didn't like that too much but he is just now getting back into game shape.

My biggest disappointment was not starting Brian Gionta of New Jersey in my fantasy hockey line-up. He had two goals and an assist. Freakin' eh!

OLN had an EXTRA HOUR of NHL coverage following the Flyers game. We weren't so lucky about that on ESPN. While the quality of the broadcast needs to improve (I switched over to Sunshine/Sun Sports for the Bolts game for a minute, and the clarity and sharpness on that channel was SIGNIFICANTLY better), I like the extra attention that OLN is giving the NHL.

latina marie said...

chad and i noticed the same thing about the picture quality on OLN. sun sports was much sharper. hopefully OLN will make some improvements in the technical aspects of things, but i really liked their coverage.

i'll be tuning in to philly's comcast channel tonight for the jersey game. hopefully they'll get their act together tonight.