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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

First Biloxi, Then Beaumont...

now estero? is it the goal of the current hurricane season to take out as many ECHL cities as possible? hurricane wilma (the first W name ever, i think) now has the lowest recorded atlantic hurricane pressure ever (another cat 5), and it appears to be headed for south florida... dammit. not that i would rather have it head this way or anything, but come on - can the south division of the ECHL really handle any additional schedule rearranging? perhaps wilma will head for extreme south florida, where the only hockey team it could really destroy would be the NHL's florida panthers. not that i have a grudge against the panthers or anything (i honestly don't), but the city of sunrise is sort of on the other side of florida and probably wouldn't be quite as totally destroyed as the gulf-coastal city of estero, florida were it to be hit by wilma. egad!

mmkay. that's it for this morning. catch ya later.

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Vanessa Mae said...

The ECHL has rescheduled Florida's games for opening weekend. I hate that this is happening. Of course, everyone does.

I hope that the water is cooler closer to shore so that Wilma will weaken to a minimal hurricane/strong tropical storm. Even better if Wilma misses Florida entirely (wishful thinking).