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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Got It Goin' on Like Donkey Kong

hehehe. even reading that line makes me laugh. if you've never heard the song (or if you never listen to country music, which i don't do often though i really have nothing against it), that line comes from trace adkins' "honkey tonk badonkadonk," and it is basically the only reason that i like that song. chad and i first heard the song while scanning the (mostly horrible) local radio stations on the way home from an ice pilot game one night. i left the radio tuned to the country station when i heard the words "donkey kong." i couldn't help it. my interest was piqued. so i kept listening and discovered that the song is pretty funny. and then i downloaded it a couple of days later. just because it says "got it goin' on like donkey kong." i'm such a dork.

anyway, it's raining here. again. it was cloudy all day yesterday, but it didn't actually rain. blah. the good news is that the rain is supposed to end this morning/early afternoon. that's good 'cause chad and i need to go grocery shopping, which is not so much fun in the rain. because we tend to buy a lot of stuff. and then we have to unload it all. so you see how that could be not so fun in the rain. i guess i could go tomorrow, but i have to run over to USA and drop off my final exam then go to dauphin island for a meeting about the spain trip. and i have to start studying for my fisheries oceanography final, which is thursday. then on friday i have a meeting with dr. v. to talk about starting my experiments and the REU student i'm going to have to help me out this summer and all that.

i'm sure you all think that i could start studying today - a rainy sunday, what else am i going to do? but why would i do a silly thing like that when the exam isn't until thursday? plus, today is game 5 in the flyers/sabres eastern conference quarter finals. the flyers tied the series up 2-2 on friday (i was really happy to see r.j. umberger score his 1st NHL playoff goal), and now they're looking to grab the lead for the first time so they'll have a chance to clinch the series at home on tuesday. damn ottawa finished off tampa bay last night, to no one's surprise, but still. i hate ottawa. evgeny artukhin (i refuse to spell it with that silly 'y' stuck in the middle) scored his first NHL playoff goal, too, which i was also really pleased about. too bad his team lost.

i finished up my take-home plant physiological ecology final exam yesterday morning, which i was really proud of myself for. yep. the whole thing is done. the 7 "short answer" questions that turned into half-page answers instead, the power point presentation on a topic we never discussed (which was done on purpose, since "as academics and educators we are often expected to present lectures or even whole courses on topics about which we know very little but are expected to quickly learn"), the editorial responding to this ridiculous article in discover magazine (which claims that we should learn to love invasive species because they aren't as bad as we make them out to be - which is total crap). all of it. completed two whole days before the due date! i really do have it goin' on - like donkey kong.

*laughing* that will always be funny.


Holly said...

My private name for that song is "Bubba Rap."

But I do like the word "ba-donkadonk"... Even if I don't know what it means.

latina marie said...

yeah, i tend to like the nonsense words, myself.