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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lazy Girl

have you ever noticed that when you have a big pile of things that need to be done (that you really have no desire to do), adding something else on top that you want to do even less makes the original pile seem less vile and daunting? i don't blame you. i just realized this myself. none of you have ventured into the dungeon that my apartment has become over the last few weeks, so you have no idea (*random giggle that only one of you gets*) just what a biohazard my living arrangements were until yesterday. trust me, it was truly disgusting.

so, cleaning was part of the original pile-o-stuff, as was studying (which i did, but only because it was either study or bomb, which i refuse to do), doing research for the review paper i'm working on with anne, cleaning the aquarium, and finding more time to exercise (because i am a lazy girl who is gaining weight, which makes me upset). the only task in that pile that was actually completed was studying, 'cause my hands were tied. the solution to my procrastination turned out to be heavy pressure from my inner good grad student to revise my prospectus. hey, i did tell dr. v. i would work on it this week and get it back to him. thus (i like that word, don't you?), prospectus revisions were the task that i least wanted to tackle, which motivated me to do the other things in the pile. well, one thing. clean. thoroughly - something that i haven't done in a really long time. i had this gi-freakin-gantic stack of papers/research articles on, under, and around my coffee table from when i first wrote my prospectus, way back during spring break (ok, that was only a couple of weeks ago), and i don't remember the last time i actually saw my kitchen table... or my desk. so i was a busy little bee, throwing away lots of random old crap (including about 6 pairs of old, worn out flip-flops), organizing, dusting, vacuuming (even the vent thing in front of the closet with the AC unit!), cleaning the bathroom and kitchen floors (even the pantry!) with my nifty new Scotch Brite bathroom floor cleaner thingy, making my desk suitable for work (although i never actually did any work). then i plugged in my new glade plug-ins fan thingy, and now my apartment smells yummy.

so, after my day of cleaning instead of working, what did i find creeping around my bathroom? the biggest freakin' roach i have ever laid eyes on. i swear, it was twice the size of my big toe, and it was actually clicking as it skittered around my nice, freshly cleaned bathroom floor! gross! this was right before i went to bed, and i made chad go kill it. then he kept freaking me out, saying that it was probably trying to swim back up the toilet. so i was a little paranoid about bugs crawling on me, and it took me a while to fall asleep. where does an insect that freakishly humongous come from? i swear, it must have crawled up out of the sewer. ewww.

but there have been no bugs today, and my apartment is clean, and my class today was cancelled, and i really don't have an excuse not to revise the ol' prospectus. but i think i'll go for a walk. then i'll work...


Vanessa Mae said...

Were you referring to me? "I have no idea!"

I totally understand. My room gets like that weekly, and the 'rents are always on my case because it's a disaster area and looks bad to show to potential buyers of the house. And that's how my car was up until a couple of weeks ago.

While roaches are indeed grotesque, for me the fright comes from the initial sight of them. I don't know what it is, but there's just this natural instinct to jump and shriek.

Holly said...


I sympathize ... But this story makes my silverfish actually seem cute in comparison.

And cleaning comes for us this weekend. I hope we don't unearth this thing's Northern cousin.

latina marie said...

nessa: of course i meant you. i have no idea... and my car is still that way. i'll get around to cleaning it eventually.

holly: best of luck to you in your cleaning endeavors, and i hope you never have to see one of those things. silverfish aren't nearly as disgusting. plus, they're small, so there's no fear of them actually trying to eat you or something.