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Thursday, April 06, 2006


who doesn't love to hear the sound of random pounding while showering at 7:30 am? i certainly don't. i can be a little jumpy, hearing unidentified sounds like that above my head. at first i thought it was the old guy who lives upstairs, but when i got out of the shower, i realized that it was the roofers, finally come to repair the roofs on all of our 50 or so apartment buildings after all these months since they were damaged during hurricane katrina. that's right, folks. our roofs have been blue-tarped for 7 months, and actual repairs are just now being made. and almost two whole months before hurricane season!

there was a notice on our door the other day informing us that the repair work was about to begin and also warning us that the roofers would be starting work very early in the morning every day of the week. even saturday. i so hope that my building is finished by then. i do not look forward to this horrid pounding and banging at 7:30 on a saturday morning, when all normal people are sleeping.

oh, yeah. and who knew that reading two hellalong scientific papers while people are banging away on the roof would be all but impossible? well, now i know.

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