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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

OMG, Stop Raining!

i guess the heavens are playing catch-up. that's right. it didn't rain here for damn near two months, and here it is, deciding to rain 24 hours straight. dammit. i have to go out in this ceaseless torrential downpour. what, are we trying to set a new record and make up for our foot or so rain deficit on the year in a single day? i know that i live in mobile, alabama, and it rains here. a lot. but this is nuts. it may rain every day in the summer, but not like this. normal rain for us is a half hour of hellaciously hard rainfall that forces drivers all over to pull to the shoulder and wait it out. then the sun takes over and creates that sauna-esque humidity that we in the south know so well.

you know what makes things better? my car, she is in the shop until friday morning. now, can you guess where my umbrella is? yeah. in the car. which is in daphne. and i am in mobile. in the rain. without my big umbrella. i guess i do have this dinky miniature florida lottery umbrella that will leave my ass exposed that vanessa's mom procured for me at an ice pilot game. damn. all right, dudes. time to go get my ass wet.

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