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Monday, April 17, 2006


i've been neglecting the blog a little lately. i know. my deepest apologies to those who check here often to see what bits of my brain matter end up here. nothing much has been going on, really. i went to my mom's house for easter, and we ended up at my grandmother's house, where i've spent every easter for the past 23 years (that's every easter since i was born, in case you didn't catch that). my cousin wendy was in town with her husband and their two children. i haven't seen her in, like... oh my god, i don't even remember the last time i saw her. it's definitely been more than five years. i actually only saw them for about an hour before they headed back to south carolina. oh well. i played about a zillion games of monopoly with my little sis, and we did the regular easter stuff, then chad and i headed back home. i watched the flyers game against the rangers from saturday (in hi def) then the flyers game against the devils from yesterday. the rangers game was awesome (the rookies were shining in that one), but the devils game sucked major ass. i hope the flyers don't end up playing them in the first round of the play-offs. they'd have a better chance against the rangers.

today i had class, as usual. then i went on a marathon grocery shopping trip, and i spent nearly $200 (well, i bought some non-food items, too - like batteries, light bulbs, body wash, tweezers, make-up sponges, etc, etc). chad and i were seriously impoverished in the food department, but now our fridge, freezer, and pantry are once again well-stocked. then i changed all the burnt-out light bulbs in our ceiling fans. the one in the bedroom was down to one working bulb out of 4, and one was burnt out in the fan over the table. i also (finally) called and put down the deposit on our ice pilots tickets for next season. we moved down two rows, so we're in the first row in our section now. yay. we were supposed to move down a row this season, but when i called i was told that row wasn't available, even though the lady who had those seats last year didn't renew them for this year (and that row was empty most games this season). oh well.

i'm looking forward to the NHL play-offs, which start this weekend. i'll know for sure tomorrow whom the flyers will play in the first round. here's hoping it's the rangers... they don't have such a great record against the sabres, and the devils are really hot right now. the last two times the flyers have played the devils, the devils have really burned them. those are the only three teams that it's really likely that the flyers might play. once the play-off schedule is set for the first round, perhaps we can see if anyone would like to join chad and me for some play-off hockey. anyone interested?

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Vanessa Mae said...

Possibility on visiting you guys for playoff games... maybe after this semester is over. Cinco de Mayo weekend perhaps?