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Friday, July 01, 2005

Carded for Cold Meds

ok, i know that no one really wants to hear about my sinus ailments, but that being said, i'm going to tell you a little about them anyway. for the past couple of days, my sinuses have been retaliating against me - the disgusting back of the throat draining thing, intense pressure making my eyes want to pop out of my head, and the worst freaking sinus headaches ever. when i awoke this morning to find that my sinuses were still on the offensive, i decided to fight back with a decongestant, which required a trip to walmart. so, i picked up some off-brand sinus/pain relief stuff and headed for the register to check out. i had heard about the new regulations on pseudoephedrine and such since idiots are out there buying them in massive quantities and using them to make illegal substances, but i was still a little peeved at being carded for buying cold medicine. but i was only upset because it reminded me of the time i was carded for an R-rated movie (i was 21 at the time). cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine can now only be purchased by folks over the age of 18. so, the little thing beeped when the cashier swiped the box, and a little screen popped up asking if the customer is over 18. and what does the cashier do? she demands to see some id (politely, of course). i don't mind getting carded for buying alcohol. i expect that. but to think that someone could think i'm under the tender age of 18 makes me very frustrated. oh well. the same thing would have happened if i'd bought cigarrettes, so i guess i shouldn't be upset. but i had a headache that was threatening to blow off the top of my skull, and i viewed the carding thing as a hinderance to relief of the pressure.

now, all that ranting aside, i think that the new decongestant regulations are totoally warranted, and i probably wouldn't have minded the carding quite so much if they'd been making some kind of record of how much cold medicine i buy to make sure i'm not a drug manufacturer. but no, i was just being carded to make sure i am of legal age to be treating my own ailments with over the counter medications.

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