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Friday, July 08, 2005

Gettin' the Heck Outta Dodge

yeah, so i'm a big fat chicken. i think that hurricane dennis will probably hit east of mobile, but i've defintively decided to leave. chad and i will be headed for houston for the weekend, to return to mobile on monday. we're planning to leave in the middle of the night to (hopefully) avoid the worst of the traffic. this group of computer models predicting the path of dennis is pretty freakin' scary to me. none of the models predict that dennis will actually hit mobile, but all of them take it pretty freakin' close. the two that have it hitting mississippi scare me most, as the east side of the storm gets the worst of it.

DISL and USA are officially closed until tuesday, possibly even later in the week than that. when these two places close, i know things are bad. the only thing that's really bothering me about evacuating right now is the possibility that chad's mom will come with us. don't get me wrong, she's a sweet lady. she's just so smothering. chad was definitely babied until he moved in with me, and i just can't take it when she acts like he can't do anything for himself (and treats me the same way). but she may head north with their neighbors (which i think would be the most convenient thing for all involved), so i might not have to worry about it. chad's dad has to work (he's a correctional officer at holman prison, which is where they put the really bad criminals in alabama), and he doesn't want her to be alone, which i totally understand. it's just that being in close quarters with her for long periods of time kind of makes me crazy. my mother was very different with me than judy was with chad. i was raised to be a self-reliant individual (that's not to say that my mom wasn't there for me, she definitely was), and he definitely wasn't.

anyway, i've got a few last-minute preparations to do, like a load of laundry before we lose power, so i'm off. i'll have a post-dennis entry as soon as i can.


Vanessa Mae said...

You guys take care, stay safe, and I'll see you soon. I'll be thinking about you both.

Holly said...

Watch out for yourself, and let us know when it's better.