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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


so, deva and i went to biloxi last night for a much-needed taste of culture. we dressed up a bit and headed out to see cats at the grand theater. chad tagged along (actually, he drove), too, but not for the play. he of course went for the gambling. while deva and i were watching the show, chad wandered over to the isle of capri casino to play some slots, which turned out pretty well. he came out $100 ahead, so after subtracting the cost of my ticket, that trip to mississippi actually made us $75 richer. sweet.

the show was good and not something that i do very often. deva and i found it highly entertaining, especially mungojerrie, the curious cat. that guy was funny... and he had good moves. the only bad thing about the theater was the loud and incredibly annoying family in the row behind us. they had three small children (like, all under the age of 5), who of course couldn't sit still during the play, and their mother (well, i assumed she was their mother) kept talking to them very loudly in an asian languange i couldn't identify. she'd get up and take the kids to the end of the row, then take them back and sit down again, so not only were they talking incessantly and loudly, but they were also moving around - double the distractions. a woman sitting next to them got up to complain to an usher, and one came over and told them to be quiet... but they so didn't. i think that everyone in the general area asked them to be quiet, but they just kept talking. it wouldn't have been as bad if they'd make some small effort to whisper, but they were just so loud. when the music got louder, so did they. a woman in front of deva and me finally got up to find another usher. as soon as the loud family saw this, the woman took the three children and left. so when the usher arrived, the only member of the loud family left was one girl, who the usher also asked to leave. finally, we could watch the show in peace, and it was a good experience.

today, i am finally starting harry potter and the half-blood prince. my copy was delivered on saturday afternoon, but as i was already into dean koontz's dark rivers of the heart (which was really good, btw), i decided to finish it before starting on the new harry potter. i don't have a solid day to dedicate to reading the new book, so it will probably take me a little while to finish it... so no spoiling it for me, dudes (and dudettes).


Vanessa Mae said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the show. Miss Saigon is coming to the Saenger Theatre (Pensacola) in November. I believe the Pilots will be on the road on the night of the show. You guys should come see it with me. It's one of my favorite Broadway musicals.

latina marie said...

weekend or weekday? it probably doesn't matter. i'm interested, anyway. do you know the date?

Vanessa Mae said...

It's on a weekday... Wednesday, Nov. 16. No game that day. Do you want to come?

latina marie said...

sure, i'm for it. i'm finished with classes at 2 on wednesdays next semester, and my first class on thursdays will be at 9:30.