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Monday, July 25, 2005

Raise Your Hand if You're Bleeding

i actually had to use that phrase this morning due to the large number of injuries on this morning's field trip into the marsh while i passed out antiseptic wipes and band-aids from the first aid kit. it was quite sad. why can't those students just stop hurting themselves? *shakes head* it could've been worse. i just had to deal with scrapes. nancy had to deal with a stingray wound on friday... at the place i'm going this coming friday. yippee. in case you were wondering, a stingray hit means a visit to the nearest emergency room.

among the morning's injuries was a student i've been pondering since friday. the reason for this pondering was a snippet of conversation i overheard on the boat friday. i was reading harry potter and not really following the buzz of conversation around me when my attention was piqued by the following: "...when i played juniors. i hear there's a team in fairbanks." and this was spoken by a male student with an accent that is definitely not southern. i'm thinking really freakin' far north. canadian, perhaps? there was a bit of dwayne hay in that voice, for those who know what dwayne hay sounds like (and who dwayne hay is). anyway, i didn't butt in and say, "juniors? do you play hockey?" i just let it go and returned my attention to my book. but i was still wondering... anyway, this morning (prior to the injury) this toothpick of a guy was trying to help the possibly canadian out of the water and onto this concrete wall, and one of the girls in the class said something like, "yeah, let the skinniest guy out here help out the hockey player." anyway, then all these people started cutting themselves, and as the marsh is not the place you want to get injured (it's just teeming with crap), i had to see to the various cuts and scrapes. then the hockey player scraped his leg all up and was whining about it getting infected, so i had to get him some alcohol wipes. i think that the hockey player goes to auburn university... which doesn't have a hockey team. so i don't know if his hockey playing is current. perhaps i can corner him on friday when we go to panama city and ask him. i'm intrigued. oh, and in case you're interested, the hockey player's pretty cute and seems to have an aversion to wearing a shirt (not that i was checking him out or anything - that would be wrong on so many levels). oh, and he doesn't know his fish very well. sadly, i don't know the hockey player's name. i actually don't know very many of my students' names, so that's not really that odd. well, i know the name he goes by (which is not his first name, and i have been unable to determine his first and last names based on my class list)... so much for checking out his hockey status online.

now, all this pondering over the hockey player in my class has put me in the mood for some hockey action. the start of the season still seems so far away... and pensacola has yet to sign anyone. dammit. at least there are some interesting happenings in the NHL. like leclair and amonte getting bought out. so, they are two guys i won't see with the flyers this season. i'm not that surprised. neither of them really stood out the year before last, and leclair just had back surgery a couple months ago. that's not the kind of hockey action i want to see, but i guess it will do until there's some on-ice action to amuse me.


Vanessa Mae said...

It's quite unfortunate about John LeClair, I've liked him ever since I started following the Flyers (Ahh, the legendary Legion Of Doom Line...). He totally kicked ass during the first few seasons I was watching. But the injuries are really started to wear on him, I think he's just about done (either career-wise or Flyers-wise). I only wish him the best, he plays with a ton of heart. As for Tony Amonte... ehhh, not a huge loss for Philly IMHO.

You need to arrange to get a photo of this hockey player in your class. Preferable a shirtless one. Just pull a Deva. It'll be quick and painless. *evil grin*

latina marie said...

shirtless is not a problem... the photo op will most likely come when he's shirtless anyway. i'll try and get one friday when we're in panama city. i'll say i'm taking pictures for sally for next year's brochure. i need more pics at st. andrew's anyway.

casey said...

get a picture! lol

for some reason i thought auburn had a team..i know SOME alabama school has a hockey team of some sort because I remember hearing about it after tampa was chosen for the frozen four..they asked why would it be held here when the nearest accredited team is (insert alabama city here). and it should be held there, or something like that. i'll look into that and in the mean time, like vanessa says..get a PHOTO. lol


latina marie said...

the alabama school with the hockey team is the university of alabama huntsville, so the closest college team to tampa is in huntsville (which is almost in tennesee). i checked out auburn's sports website, and there's no hockey on it. i think they have an intramural field hockey team, but that's it.

Jamie said...

Huntsville is only about six or seven hours drive from Mobile you know. I used to make that drive all the time, considering I grew up 45 min from Huntsville. Just thought I would remind you of that. It is still two hours or so from Tennesee, if I remember correctly, we didn't go there often.

Anyway, I would like to see this student of yours, too.

latina marie said...

i haven't forgotten that you grew up near huntsville, and in miles it's about half the distance from pensacola to mobile to get to the tennessee line frome huntsville, so i still say that's almost tennessee.

as for only 6 or 7 hours from mobile (which i think is far enough), seeing as tampa's also that far from mobile (i think it's a bit farther, actually and in the other direction) huntsville is not close to tampa, which still makes it weird that the college hockey championships are going to be in tampa.