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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Off to Port St. Joe

so, i'm finally making that trip to port st. joe tomorrow. i'm a little concerned about the state of the roads, though. i called the florida dept of transportation yesterday to ask about road conditions between pensacola and PSJ (that's a lot of roads, i know) and found out that i'm probably going to have issues with hwy 98. i called the park, though, and they say it's passable. nancy will be taking over my TA duties on friday when the class takes a trip over to perdido key.

i'm not looking forward to the drive back from PSJ on friday. this weekend is the dauphin island fishing rodeo, a huge fishing tournament that takes place every summer on the island. traffic is always hell that weekend, with the two-lane road heading onto the island and the huge number of boats being pulled in on trailers.

but anyway, gretchen and i will be heading out tomorrow afternoon and returning friday.

and now, a bit on the tropics (that's become a pretty regular topic of conversation for me). t.s. emily is out there, about to enter the caribbean and then the gulf of mexico. i have a good feeling about this one, though. my prediction is that it's going to hit texas and leave us here on the northern gulf coast alone. here's hoping i'm right.

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