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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Not About Dennis, I Swear

ok, here's a post that's not about the tropics. it's about hockey. i just read that the players and the league have reached a (tentative) agreement, to be approved by the players today. *yay* so there will be NHL hockey this season. i'm so happy about that! now the ahl and the echl can make decisions that don't end with "depending on what happens in the NHL." good stuff. on the downside, since ahl teams will inevitably be losing players to their NHL clubs, some of the (awesome) guys we had last year in pensacola probably won't be returning. *sniff* perhaps we will get cam keith back, though, for nessa's sake.

all righty. i've got things to do and people to teach.


Vanessa Mae said...

And it's quite possible we could get Jacquo back. Hopefully Cam will return, so you can totally get him for his "See you Thursday" comment.

As much as I'd hate for us not get to get a lot of the players that we had last season, it will be great to have the NHL back. I think the Pilots will be fine. Coach Farrish knows how to bring out the best in his players. At least during the regular season.

latina marie said...


nice dig at the coach there, nessa! "at least during the regular season"... yeah, i totally wasn't happy with him for that whole playoff fiasco.

and cam. with the mention of the words "see you thursday," those irate feelings came bubbling right back up. i guess i'm not as over the playoffs as i thought i was.

*jacquo* yeah, i'd like to see that little guy back in pensacola. and i don't harbor any ill feelings toward him. too bad we won't match anymore, with the ice pilots changing their colors and logo and jerseys and all.

*a note for those who are recent readers of my blog. this blog post conversation refers to last season's echl playoffs. see my archived posts from april 2005 to get yourself up to speed. even if you don't like hockey, you're bound to find them entertaining. i was hella pissed, which tends to make my blog entries... colorful.

Vanessa Mae said...

I believe we'll be better off this season than last, especially since we play the Carolina teams more (i.e. the more difficult teams). While I wanted us to play northern teams, I think playing teams like the Stingrays, the Inferno, the Checkers more... it'll only help.