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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Awwww, Maaaaannnn

dude, this blows. USA has extended classes for an extra week this semester, meaning that i won't be finished for the semester until december 19 (i think - my last final might actually be on the 16th). and do you want to know the reason? their official announcement says it's because of the week we missed due to katrina. but the story the big boys are spreading to the professors is that we might have to miss more days this semester because we might get hit by another hurricane sometime before hurricane season ends on november 30. we are just now entering the peak of the season, after all... and already we have reached the O name. anyway, at least that means that if, by chance (and i hope and pray this doesn't happen), another tropical system makes its way to the northern gulf coast, USA will not extend the semester again. just the one week. but this area just can't handle another one... for, like, a decade or so. if another hurricane hits us this year, i, lover of the gulf coast, beaches, and warm tropcial weather, just might be forced to consider the possibility of maybe moving somewhere further inland - like philadelphia. maybe. but i would so freeze there... but i'd get to see the flyers, so freezing has its upside. but let's hope that the tropics don't target us again so i won't be forced to entertain such an atrocious possibility. i shiver just thinking about it.


Vanessa Mae said...

Parents are going to be moving out to Vegas and I might be going with them. You guys could move there too... It's warm, and they got hockey :-D.

latina marie said...

*sniff* don't leave me... but i guess you'll be going to usf anyway. but that's closer than VEGAS!

it's a shame that your 'rents are moving. guess the tropics got to them, too. timetable?

Vanessa Mae said...

Well, this is all depending on if I even get into USF's MBA program. Dad's hoping to put the house on the market early next year. I can't give you exact timing, but the parents might be looking to get out of Florida by next hurricane season, at the earliest. And yes, the hurricanes are the biggest force driving the move. I don't want to leave you guys, but there could be pretty good job ops wherever I end up. Now, if I don't get into USF, I might move out to Vegas with them. Who knows what's going to happen, but I'll keep you posted.