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Monday, September 12, 2005

No Freddy For Us

so, freddy managed to get himself signed with an AHL team. while i'm happy for him, i'm sad for pensacola. can todd ford carry the load for us? we shall see, i guess. the most interesting tidbit about this particular signing to me is that he signed with the AHL affiliate of the (damn) sea wolves. so, if mississippi manages to play somewhere this season, we could maybe possibly by some chance see freddy in goal for our hated rivals. damn. but they already have louis dumont, so it won't be the first time something like this has happened. anyway, perhaps freddy will spend the entire season with the bigger boys in the AHL. he deserves it.

in other latina-news, i recently heard from a close childhood friend i sort of lost touch with over the years. she just got married and is now living in australia. wow, huh? man, was it ever great to hear from her, though. i have the address to her online journal, so expect a link on my sidebar soon (heather's melo). i look forward to keeping tabs on her again.

today will be my first trip to dauphin island since the dreaded hurricane katrina made her mark on the gulf coast two weeks ago. they finally got their electricity restored over the weekend, and the sea lab is re-opening for business today. i just hope that the road out there is fixed. last year after hurricane ivan, there were parts of that causeway where you had to slow way down to drive over the parts that had been washed away and filled in with gravel. it didn't take too long to get it repaved, though, so maybe it's fixed now. things seem to be getting back to normal here (for the most part). gas prices are still way more expensive here than they are in the surrounding counties, which sucks big-time, but most stations actually have gas now, and there are no more hellacious lines (which i never had to wait in, anyway, since i haven't bought gas since the week before katrina hit). anyway, it's about time for me to start making my way out to the island for my seminar class. adios!

UPDATE: the road is so not fixed. there is much gravel. must drive at a snail's pace. much more of the causeway is washed out now than after ivan. yuck.


Vanessa Mae said...

Have you been able to confirm your account for Heather's Melo? I have yet to receive a confirmation email from that site ...

latina marie said...

no, i haven't. they never sent me a confirmation email either. maybe it just takes them a few days to verify and activate the account?

casey said...

dont be so sure about freddy..I have heard that we are working on a contract with bridgeport to get one of their 3 goalies..madden or clouts..whoever loses the number 2 spot there.

they are both amazing.

plus, we still own clout's echl rights..and he said he does not want to play anywhere else in the echl.


latina marie said...

yeah, i learned that after i wrote this post (obviously). it would be good for us to have him back (even though i kind of hope he earns the #2 spot in bridgeport).