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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Shedding a Tear

*sniff* so the damn sea wolves won't be playing this season. that really blows sticky green snot. how can i hate them if they don't play, huh? it sucks more because, as it turns out, they could have played here in mobile. they could have found some sort of player housing here. the folks in charge of the mobile civic center and the current (but not for long) mayor of mobile were perfectly willing to rearrange schedules to accomodate the sea wolves and the current ECHL schedule. however, the sea wolves organization decided that they didn't have time to get their shit together for this season. dammit. i'm more pissed now that i know that mobile was ready and willing to take on this hockey team than when i thought they just wouldn't have a place to play for a while.

anyway, perhaps we can get louis back now? he seems to like the area... then i wouldn't want them to play the "louie louie" song when he got sent to the sin bin. they could play it when he scores instead. i can only hope. so, perhaps we'll get some of their players. i don't hate all of them, you know. we shall see.

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