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Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's Like a Present

...a present from someone who recognizes the sheer magnitude of the numerous tasks that i have oh-so-skillfully put off over the past couple of weeks. this generous gift of which i speak is an unexpectedly free afternoon. my freshwater ecology lab has been cancelled for this afternoon for a couple of reasons: 1) mccreadie has food poisoning and a kidney stone and 2) he felt that sending someone out on the water in a metal boat when there is a high probablility of thunderstorms is probably not the best idea. so, here i am procrastinating once again despite this perfect opportunity to get some studying done. i do, after all, have an ecotox exam next week... and some homework... and some data to analyze... and a report to write... and some reading to do... and some library research for a proposal... and a freshwater ecology exam the day after hockey season starts... and a lab exam... and the list goes on. so, i can be like lindsey and go shopping or i can be a good grad student and do some work. seeing as how the next few days are filled with plans, i should probably do some work. but isn't it nice to have the time?

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Vanessa Mae said...

How about both? Shop now, study later... or vice versa.

I myself have been presented with the opportunity to procrastinate. Today's policy class was cancelled, so I put off my sausage business case that's due next Tuesday... which is unfortunate because another business case is due next Thursday. I think having extra time to do stuff makes me procrastinate more.

I was productive yesterday though. I sent off my USF application.