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Friday, September 16, 2005

Sweater Success...and other stuff

so, yesterday i finished knitting the sweater i was working on. i'm quite proud of myself. it looks like a real sweater and everything. it was surprisingly easy. it makes me want to make another one. have a look...

anyway, on to more exciting things. chad managed to dislocate his shoulder at rugby practice yesterday. not fun. one of the guys on the team is a chiropractor, and he popped it back in. chad was supposed to play in his first real game tomorrow. sad, huh? we're still going to go and watch. it's in fairhope. anyway, prep for the game is the reason chad sustained his injury. usually, practices aren't that rough so no one gets hurt, but since there's a game saturday, they decided to make practice as game-like as possible last night. rugby's pretty hard-core. you know, with the total lack of protective gear and such.

otherwise, my life has been fairly uneventful as of late. went out to this little ravine by the stonehedge neighborhood on grelot rd. yesterday afternoon for freshwater ecology lab. that was kind of fun, even though i cut my ankle all up on a bunch of briars. that kind of sucks. i got a teeny little catfish for my collection, though. lindsey and i stayed behind after the lab was technically over to build our collections. we didn't get very much stuff, but we have plans to visit some other sites around town over the next couple of weeks.

something that may actually interest some of you is that i've added a couple of photo albums to my links. i posted the pictures from my adventures at the johnson space center during hurricane dennis, as well as the pics from my birthday celebration at big kahuna's and some wedding photos. enjoy!


Vanessa Mae said...

Please tell Chad I wish him well in his recovery. Hey, remember when Valentino Passarelli dislocated his shoulder in a game, then went on to score a hat trick? I hope that little tale inspires Chad.

He he he, I enjoyed seeing our shots at Big Kahuna's.

Deva said...

Tell Chad that I hope he feels better; I know he is probably in some pain. I guess he has injury for every sport he's played.

GrrlScientist said...

I love sweaters. Post a picture of the sweater that you made, pretty please?


GrrlScientist said...

Thanks for the picture! It looks great!


latina marie said...

thanks! i didn't think it was bad for my first effort.