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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Finally, Something's Hitting Texas!

forgive my little happy dance at the fairly constant path of hurricane rita. or don't... i don't care. i'm just excited that rita doesn't appear to be heading my way at all. it looks as if this hurricane will do what i've asked all the other tropical systems over the past two years to do: hit texas. and i don't feel so bad about wishing things on the lone star state anymore. i recently learned (from the weather channel, of course) that the houston/galveston area has not been hit by a hurricane since 1989! they are so due for a hit. i wouldn't mind at all getting hit by a hurricane every 16 years. anyway, as long as rita doesn't change her mind, i'm feeling ok about the weather... even if we are experiencing august heat three weeks into september... and it hasn't rained here for three weeks. that's way strange for mobile... so all the hurricane debris is nice and crunchy.

moving on, i think i like rugby. the main reason i don't like football is that it's incredibly slow. they stop play all the freakin' time. rugby is pretty much non-stop action. chad and i went to his game saturday in fairhope, and i discovered that rugby is pretty cool and totally spectator-friendly. they're playing at springhill college on october 14, which coincides with the first ice pilot preseason game, and chad's definitely playing in that game. so, we won't be at the first preseason game, but those of you who will also be in attendance at the hangar on saturday the 15th will see us there.

anyway, life is pretty uneventful (still). we're poisoning tadpoles for the sake of learning in ecotox, and lindsey and i have plans to go collecting in all the random water holes around campus on friday. our goal is to get some mayfly larvae and other critters we haven't killed in ethanol yet. we're going to hit the pond next to the library, the ravine by the frat houses, and the swamp near the med school. maybe we'll get some good stuff for our freshwater ecology collections.

all righty... i've rambled enough for one afternoon.


Holly said...

Makes sense- back home we call Rugby "hockey without ice," so you should like it. Don't know what that makes ball hockey, though... "hockey without puck"?

Jamie said...

Hey, the pond next to the library is the one I went so-called diving in for Environmental Chemistry with Amanda. I really shouldn't have, my asthma acted up after that, but it was fun! :) We were just getting water samples and I was holding one, but I saw a step a little ways down, and missed it went I tried for it, so I went under. So I went deeper and got a deep water sample too. Have fun, that pond is interesting! :)

latina marie said...

yeah, rugby seemed to have elements of so many different sports. a face-off-like-thingy from hockey, tackling like football, kicking like soccer... tons of action.

we're going out to the pond thursday afternoon for freshwater ecology, too. we're supposed to drag a seine through there. should be interesting.