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Monday, February 16, 2009

Hives, STILL

ok, so max's hives look marginally better today, and his face isn't nearly as swollen as it was over the weekend. but HE STILL HAS HIVES, OMG. it's been FIVE DAYS. everything i can find says that hives should resolve themselves within 3-4 days, with most cases clearing up within 48 hours.

max seemed happier today, anyway. he actually played happily by himself for long stretches. in between the demanding that i hold him for long stretches and crying and scratching.

as you can see, max's hives look better than they did at first. they're much smaller, and there aren't as many. but they are still ALL OVER HIS BODY. even his SCALP. in the photo below, you can see the hives on his nose (sort of, for some reason bright red skin doesn't translate well to my photos).

and this improvement ONLY took 3 days of oral steroid and 5 days of benadryl. and guess what? despite being all hopped up on benadryl, max had a RUNNY NOSE today. wtf? oh, and you know how benadryl usually makes people sleepy? it has pretty much the opposite effect on max.

i called the doctor this morning, and he told me to give max benadryl every 4 hours today (his previous recommendation was benadryl every 6 hours) and go see him in the morning if there's no improvement. i'm thinking we'll being seeing him tomorrow.

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