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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life's Little Annoyances

so, i still haven't gotten around to cutting max's hair, even though i've been talking about it for a month. and strangers still think he's a girl. we were checking out at walmart the other day, and the cashier thought max was girl. he was wearing a cream colored onesie, navy blue plants, and brown shoes. he had an orange and green paci. does that scream "girl" to you?

then today i took him for blood work at the hospital, and this old man who was also waiting at the outpatient registration desk also assumed max is a girl. today he is wearing an orange onesie trimmed in dark olive green with dinasours on it and jeans. same brown shoes and orange and green paci. again, does that scream "girl" to anyone else?

maybe it's just because he's so pretty...

but whatever. i finally convinced the pediatrician to take some action in trying to pinpoint the cause of max's hives, so he ordered a full blood workup, whatever that means. i'm hoping it includes some allergy tests.

i was at the lab working on some chemical analyses when the doctor's office called me back and told me to take max over to providence for the blood work (they can't do all the tests in the doctor's office, so we had to go to the outpatient center at the hospital). SOOO... i had to stop what i was doing, freeze my samples to finish up tomorrow, pick max up from daycare and get him over to the hospital to get stuck with a needle.

i was a little freaked when the nurse asked how much max weighs so they could determine how much blood they could take (up to 10 ml). so i put him down on the exam table, surrounded by three nurses (gotta keep him still while they draw that much blood), they wrapped his tiny arm in a tourniquet and used a tiny little needle and syringe to take what they needed. we're supposed to get the results later this afternoon. i'm hoping they tell us what's causing the hives. and that we can fix it.


Holly said...

I was once changing Declan's diaper in a public washroom, with all his bits and pieces in plain view, and had an old woman standing right beside me ask if he was a boy or a girl... Perhaps biology has changed significantly since her girlhood in the last ice age.

Vanessa Mae said...

Indeed. I think it is because Max is so pretty. :-)